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Crowdfunding Platform

The Apportunity Fund is a platform to connect investors to Appalachian projects.  We are not a venture firm or a network of angel investors.  We believe the market of the "crowd" should drive successful businesses.  We provide the opportunity for everyone (not just the wealthy) to invest in their main streets, their communities, their Appalachia.  


Invest in companies you believe in, that will make a difference in your community, in the region.  Don't invest to make tons of money, invest in your passions.  The Fund is driven by the mission to provide opportunities and connect everyone to ideas.  That being said, businesses can choose to raise capital (equity or debt) and investors can explore ideas to make a difference.

Appalachian Difference

Through experience we recognize the perceptions that some have of Appalachia.  If you're not from Appalachia, it's sometimes hard to understand Appalachia and what entrepreneurship should look like.  A region built by opportunity, the Apportunity Fund was created to change the narrative and provide opportunities for the amazing ideas in the region.  As a public beneift corporation we believe that EVERYONE should have the right to invest in what they believe in and the opportunity to succeed.  As Appalachians, we want to see Appalachia work for Appalachia! 

How It Works

Raise Funds

From the "mom and pop" to high-tech growth, if you have an idea you have an opportunity.  


Change the narrative, invest in what you believe in and be a part of shaping the region.  


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